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How to create an event on your personal Facebook profile

How to create an event on your personal Facebook profile

1. While on your home page, click the “Events” tab on the side of the screen. In your events tab, hit “Create Event.” Then choose whether you want the event to be public or private.

2. Here, you can choose from a series of photos that Facebook offers as the photo cover or you can upload your own. When you select “choose a theme,” Facebook gives you a few options such as “party” or “food and drink.”

3. Fill in additional info, including whether you want a co-host for this event. You can also choose to show or hide the guest list and allow people on the list to invite others.

4. Add your URL from your We Discover event page for managing tickets.You can also create events via the Facebook app or the Facebook Local app (shown below) with your personal profile, page, or group.

5. Hit “create” and your event will go live.
After you create your event, you can always edit these fields. You can also invite new guests or post more information by updating the description or posting on the event wall.




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